PhD20 in 2022

Important Update

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First things first, thank you for supporting PhD20 in 2021. This year was full of excitement for me. But the biggest accomplishment was publishing my first Dungeons & Dragons adventure. That kickstarted a stream of DM’s Guild releases: 4 maps, 2 backgrounds, 1 set of random tables, and 1 mini-game. I launched my Ko-Fi shop and released another stream of work: 9 stock maps and a unique, narrative wealth system for 5E (which you can get for free if you keep reading). On top of that, I made a small debut into professional DMing. A truly exciting year. But there’s so much more on the horizon.

What’s Next

I’ve got big things planned for 2022. A new D&D adventure and loads of supplemental material are already in production. To stay informed, I’d encourage you to join my email newsletter. You’ll even get a FREE copy of my Narrative Wealth system for 5E.

Narrative Wealth: A Story-Driven Wealth System for 5E—Free @

You’ll be notified when each product launches and each time I release a new article. And about that…

I’m moving my writing to my website at In fact, I already have. The 2022 update to my most popular article ever is already live on the site. The next few articles will cover the wonder that is Obsidian and how to build worlds for D&D.

Thank you again for the support and taking the time to read my articles. I’ve got a lot more on the horizon so be sure to subscribe to that newsletter and check out the new site. See you all there!



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