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I have a problem. It’s not a new problem. I ranted about it in 2016. Twice. Since then, I’ve explored every solution under the sun. But the problem remains. I’m never satisfied with the tools available to organize my Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

My players suffer for it. I’m always…

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Magic items are a foundational part of any Dungeons & Dragons game. The Dungeon Master’s Guide and other source books provide hundreds, if not thousands of ready-to-use magic items for your game. But eventually, you’ll get the craving to create your own. After all, creating is what we do as…

NPCs bring your world to life. Instead of creating interesting NPCs completely from scratch, take inspiration from the media around you. Amazing characters exist and are waiting to be used as templates or archetypes in your game.

In this article, we examine the ways in which an exceptionally flawed specialist…

Evocative descriptions are at the heart of Dungeon Master narration. The smell of the boiled cabbage and seasoned sausage as the party steps into the inn. The dazzling glass towers of the city that refract sunlight into a thousand rainbows across marble streets. The taste of saltwater spray as you…


In April 2010, my life changed forever. I discovered Dungeons & Dragons. I was roaming the aisles of a Hastings Bookstore when I came across the D&D 4th Edition Roleplaying Game Starter Set. I’d seen Dungeons & Dragons now and again throughout my life. I didn’t ever know what it…

As a Dungeon Master, we strive for fun and exciting combat encounters. The mechanics of Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition provide us with a nice toolset to help. But it isn’t perfect. Combat can drag, feeling like a chore. …

Downtime activities are a recurring theme in most D&D campaigns. Many 5E source books include rules for downtime activities. But how do you take those rules and run enjoyable downtime? Let’s find out.

D&D 5E defines Downtime Activities and rules in many sourcebooks. The Player’s Handbook first introduces Downtime Activities

“But wait! Weren’t you just touting World Anvil?” Yes. Yes, I was. Because I use both! Someday, we’ll talk about whatever complex I have that keeps me from using one thing. But that’s been my goal with Notion from day 1. Build the one thing. It’s flexible enough to build…

Chihiro by Anato Finnstark

Worldbuilding is a wonderful creative outlet. We build worlds to express ourselves. But not that alone. We could express ourselves through any other medium. Why choose worlds? Because we want a place to tell a story. Your worlds should serve your stories. And your stories should serve your players.

Worldbuilding as a Hobby


A new magic item has appeared!

Following the astronomer background, I wanted to come up with a similarly inspired magic item.

The scry glass is a golden, gemstone-studded spyglass. Once per day, this allows you to cast the scrying spell.

The magic item is available on D&D Beyond:



👋 My name is Kirk. I’m an adventure designer and map maker. Most of my maps are available for commercial use. Check them out at

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